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Advertising Tapes

Advertising Tapes is suitable for sports equipment, rubber and plastic parts and construction sites. Indoor and exterior decoration. It is used for decoration when painting and painting. Its viscosity is moderate, and it has good adhesion and shielding to most smooth surfaces. Good sex. Quickly remove after use, leaving no residue.
Advertising Tapes are suitable for use in paint masking protection, ceramic capacitors and various electronic component assembly processes. It is also suitable for automotive and furniture painting and general coating shading, PCB board fixed drilling, for shielding protection in high temperature process.
Resistant to different temperature masking tape is made of crepe paper and coated with rubber adhesive. The crepe paper tape has the characteristics of quick adhesion, easy peeling, easy to tear by hand and easy to use. It is suitable for interior decoration, paint covering, lightweight wrapping, firm picture, padding and so on.
Microland Limited is one of the most professional advertising tapes manufacturers and suppliers. This company provides wholesale service of advertising tapes at the best price. Our factory's advanced equipment and enthusiasm for service will make you feel at home. Please contact us for more information.

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