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Cloth Tapes

Cloth Tapes are tapes made from a fabric backing that make them durable and resilient. The tape can be used for a variety of purposes such as bandages, sealing walls, electrical and plumbing work. Cloth tape is easy to buy at specialty stores and hardware stores. Although most tapes come with adhesives, pressure-sensitive tapes can also be used. These tapes are used for special purposes without leaving any glue residue and holding the items together.
Cloth Tapes increases the tensile strength of the product and enhances the geometric fit of the product during application. Other common benefits of using cloth and fabric as a carrier include heat resistance, insulation, abrasion resistance and breathability. Similar to other types of tape, the use of cloth tape is highly dependent on compatibility with the bonded substrate, most notably the performance of the adhesive. The tape is usually pressure sensitive and some tapes may have double sided adhesive.
The most common form of tape is the signature tape. Pipe tape has performed well in general-purpose applications and has replaced its original structure and capabilities as a seam sealer for HVAC operation. The line of duct tape is often polyester, nylon, rayon or fiberglass; special foils and metal straps are now recommended for pipe work.
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