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Save Temperature Tape Should Pay Attention To What
Microland (Shanghai) Limited | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

1, high temperature adhesive tape should be stored in the Treasury.
2, high temperature adhesive tape is not folded, should be placed in roll.
3, high temperature adhesive tape loading and unloading conveyor belt when using cranes.
4, high temperature adhesive tape specifications according to the needs and specific conditions of temperature adhesive tape type selection.
5, high temperature adhesive tape conveyer belt joint best using heat curing adhesive.
6, move the heat tape to keep dragging rollers, do not let the temperature tape of snake or crawling.
7, transit to prevent wear on high temperature tape. Conveyor fitted with baffles and install when clean appliance. Foreign matter will affect the band eccentric and cleanliness are basic requirements for tape operation.

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