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Signage Tapes

Signage Tapes thickness is available in 0.25MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.8MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 2.0MM3.0MM.
To suit different designs and different requirements, the color of the gel is gray and white (gray) transparent.
Features: It has high adhesion and good adhesion and durability in high and low temperature environments.
All kinds of cars, motorcycles, brand-name letters and pastes.
All kinds of electrical appliances, hardware structural bonding.
Car trim strips, water guide strips, sealing strips, and fixings in the interior of the car.
It can be processed into various specifications according to customer's requirements, or it can be processed into various shapes.
• Main application: car trim strips. Jeep bumper skirt posing. Car metal veneer. Fixing of auto parts.
• The product features: waterproof; Anti-vibration; Heat resistant; Strong adhesion; Excellent weather resistance.
Microland Limited is one of the most professional signage tapes manufacturers and suppliers. This company provides wholesale service of signage tapes at the best price. Our factory's advanced equipment and enthusiasm for service will make you feel at home. Please contact us for more information.

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