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Tissue Tapes

Tissue Tapes are made of non-woven double-coated acrylic glue. The colors are divided into white translucent and black. The common thickness is 0.15MM-0.16mm. It is easy to operate, durable, temperature resistant and waterproof. , good resilience, strong adhesion; short-term temperature resistance 120-150℃, long-term temperature resistance 70-80℃.
Tissue Tapes are widely used in the processing industry, including the bonding of rubber strips and plastics in the rubber and plastics industry. They are suitable for nameplates, buttons, foot pads, refrigerator evaporators and control panel bonding, nameplate bonding, plastic bonding, etc.
What are the advantages of Tissue Tapes versus Scotch tape?
1. The non-woven double-sided tape has the characteristics of good insulation. When the control panel is bonded, the control panel belongs to the charged product and has certain safety hazards; 2. When the general transparent tape is bonded, the safety cannot be ensured, and the insulation effect of the double-sided tape of the non-woven fabric is well adapted to this problem;
3. Its temperature resistance is strong, compared with transparent tape, non-woven double-sided tape can adapt to higher temperature, used in more environments, it can be bonded on both sides during use, which can definitely enhance its The effect of bonding objects;
4. Due to the high viscosity of the non-woven double-sided tape, it may cause residue on the sticky part. Therefore, it is recommended to use a blade to slowly scrape off the double-sided tape, or use a tool such as a hair dryer to heat it. Then, tear it off.
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